#GraduatedAnEngineer- Audience Analysis


  1. The target audience is college graduate engineers. It consists of college graduates who have a degree in engineering. Engineering is one of the major categories for showcases at One Spark, and it is neither broad nor narrow.
  2. Graduated an engineer.
  3. According to the U.S. Bureau of Census 785,510 science and engineering degrees were awarded in the year 2012. The level of these degrees include bachelors, masters and doctoral. Out of those degrees earned, 400,834 are held by men and 385,634 are held by women. The median earnings of those holding bachelor’s degrees in the year 2012 was $92,883 (Bureau of Census). The demographics of my target audience only extends to US college graduates from either private or public universities and colleges.4. According to a scholarly article by Jana Safrankova “Engineers’ opinions on the educational process” experience and training is a major need for graduating engineers, “A graduate does not become an expert immediately by his graduation, but after he applies the methods of work in his line… Various companies offer the graduates good salary, self-realisation, creative work, career, the application of skills, social benefits – but also psychical enervation,” (Safrankova).5. The demographics, psychographics, and representational information I have collected suggests that progression of knowledge and innovation are of the utmost importance to this audience. As stated in the psychographics section, a good salary, self-realization, application skills, etc are offered by their places of employment and with that the only thing left to gain would seem to be more knowledge and innovation of new ideas.6. Innovators, creative thinkers, makers, the future, ideas
  4. Primary-Social Cites—Design News, The Engineering Exchange, Linkedin
  5. Secondary- Their graduate schools



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