News Release


Jacksonville’s One Spark Festival

Nia Thomas

One Spark has secured a new financial backer to help support its fourth annual festival being held on April 6, 2016 in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

Earlier today, One Spark board member Michael Muniz guest spoke at a meeting with Jax Tech a new technology startup business and networking group where they agreed to provide financial support for the popular one day event.

“We had a 2 and a half hour meeting with a lot of partners at the table who called us and said, ‘We want to help.’ They’re all capable organizations that can help us pull this together. So we will have an event that will help creators in April,” Muniz said.

One Spark Board Chairman Peter Rummell and also its largest single investor having invested $3.5 million. Rummell also attended the meeting and reassured the entrepreneurs on hand that he is committed to some continuation of the event.

In previous years One Spark was crowd-funded with emphasis on funding from the public and smaller investors. Over the years, and this year especially, things have changed due to a huge increase in overhead and other expenses the event $6 million to run.

By last year there was more than double the attendance than its original launch back in 2013 reaching more than 300,000 guests, the festival was expanded to 6 days, and there were 500 creator projects.

It became one of the city’s hallmark and cultural festivals.

This year it will extend 10 blocks and feature 300 creator projects and for all those really looking forward to One Spark, it will be the first time it is combined with Art Walk.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Art Walk. These are two great events that will create a powerful synergy Downtown for our creators, investors and the public,” Sell said.




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