About Me

Hello All, I am a junior at UNF studying PR communications with a minor is fine arts. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue for quite some time and I have changed my major/minor more times than I can remember. After taking about a year and a half off from school to work, I […]

Final Post

Sadly, the semester has come to an end with this final assignment. My group had the triadic secondary color scheme of violet, green, and orange. My role in the assignment was to make recipe cards (due to lack of cooking skills) for the courses in our meal: Eggplant Scramble, Cheesy Grits, Beignets with Blackberry Compote, […]

Color Space

For our final in-class assignment, we had to use color as well composition to show the illusion of space and depth. This by far is one of my favorite pieces of this semester in the way that it came out ! I’m not really sure which way is up with this one because either way […]

Color Balance

This is one of my more successful in-class assignments. The colors I chose, are what I believe balance the piece out as a whole (more-so than the actual composition). So, I have different variations of the secondary color violet in the bigger object on the left, which balance out with the ball and its shadow […]

Color Transparency

For this in-class assignment I randomly chose the colors. It was one of the more difficult in-class assignments for me because I had a hard time placing the green over the yellow to make it look like transparent. But, I did the best I could, and here it is.